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Hi, I'm Wes, the web developer for the website, and having taken on this project I decided that I'd like to share why this organization is important to me. First of all, I'm bi-polar, with depression and anxiety disorder. Sadly I've attempted suicide putting me in the hospital three times, the last of which I stopped breathing and don't recall two days in the hospital, hurting not only me but my family I love. Mental illness help has been is a failure that kept me from getting much needed help and me trying to self-medicate instead of taking prescription medicine for my illnesses. We need to stop the stigma on mentally ill that keeps people like myself from seeking help. I hope New Orleans will be a start in our nation to getting proper care before we end up in prison, homeless, or even suicide. Our mentally ill deserve a chance to have good treatment, they are victims of our system that deserve legal representation that will help them. We could stop much crime if we can get help to those like me who suffered for years before finding the right medication to be able to function.
And for those in prison that the system has failed, they need proper mental health services to diagnose them, and get them the medications they need. If rehabilitation is an option we need more help to do so before they give up and end up back in prison because our system is failing. That's why some are contributing each month to helping these individuals. They are victims of this system along with those family and friends that love them. For people like myself and the family and friends I have hurt I hope you will consider helping us, giving us your time or donate so that we have more to work with to help these victims of circumstance for medical treatment, legal expenses, and more. The more you give the more help you give the victims of severe mental health problems.
~Thank you, Wes D. Sturdevant